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RBU Trading International

RBU Trading International FZ LLC was incorporated on January 2019 in Fujairah, UAE.
Equipped with extensive trading knowledge through businesses, the company’s vision encompasses a wide range of products. We aim to fully provide merchandise within the UAE and abroad targeting varying consumer needs that span from stationary items, printed materials and automobile parts to complete range of Oil and Lubricants for a diverse range of machineries.

Through sound knowledge of various products and a keen eye for the taste and preference of local consumers, the company has continued to grow from strength to strength. Riding on the potential and ideas of EXPO 2020, the continued introduction and advancement of new technology and advancement of products in the UAE provides a competitive edge to their promoters.
As part of the company’s aim to provide various merchandise, the major portion of goods is currently stationary items, printed materials, automobile parts and complete range of Oil and Lubricants.
Backed by an ambitious mission and a true understanding of the market, RBU Trading International FZ LLC will continue to enjoy phenomenal growth for years to come.

Our Products

Packaging Materials & Products
Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems
Stationery Products
Printable Material Products
Automobile Parts & Service Products
Oil & Lubricants Products
Complete Business Centre Solutions
Office Furniture

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